Him Her Him Again the End of Him


de Patricia Marx

Marx’s unabashedly neurotic heroine falls for philosopher Eugene Obello during her graduate school days in Cambridge, England. Why would anyone fall for a man who receives a grant to pursue Ego Studies? Why would that person remain obsessed, even after this guy marries and becomes a father? By « obsessed, » we mean, well…sex and lusting and longing and hoping and waiting for this cad who is spread too thin. Her friends loathe him. Why can’t she drop him? Is it because she was the only virgin on campus before she bumped into Eugene (a man who was hardly a virgin)? Is it because he kept a copy of the Magna Carta in his pocket? « You know what I think it really was? » she reflects. « He was a narcissist. I love narcissists…you don’t have to buoy them up. » When things get unbearable, our girl gives up trying to write her thesis — and tries to give up on Eugene. She says good-bye to her dormitory room, decorated in a color she calls veal, and becomes a TV writer in New York on the hit sketch-comedy show Taped But Proud. Coincidentally, Eugene moves to New York as well — to teach a seminar called « Toward a Philosophy of the Number Two » (« And if that goes well, » he says, « they might let me have a go at the number three »). More years of lusting and longing, hoping and waiting. Until a spectacular event changes everything.

Un de ces bouquins cul-cul terriblement drole juste comme je les aime parfois quand je n’ai pas envie de me prendre la tete! 🙂 Ca se lit super facilement, et vraiment drole au point qu’on peut avoir l’air un peu folle dans le train parce qu’on est pete de rire a ne plus pouvoir s’arreter. 🙂


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